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Brazil is a massive sprawling country being the largest population and geographical area in South America. Also, this country has one of the most thriving economies in the world now ranked at number five in terms of the size of the economy and growing daily. Much of the success relating to the economy of Brazil is attributed to its president Fernando Lula who has been overwhelmingly popular while in office for two terms as president. The economy in Brazil produces industrial materials, minerals, agricultural products and a variety of consumer products which are sold abroad and at home. The largest city in Brazil in São Paulo, and although it is not the capital, it has a massive population of over 20 million people in the urban area which makes it one of the largest cities in the world. Rio de Janeiro is the second-largest city in the country with a metropolitan population approaching 12 million people and growing rapidly.

Other important locations in Brazil include Salvador, Fortaleza, Recife and other tourist areas both on the north east coast as well as the South each coast of the country where our private investigators have operated for years. Historically, the government of Brazil has attempted to move much of its population inland away from the coastal areas of the country by establishing the capital in Brasilia which is located near the center of the country. Unfortunately, this plan has never been successful and most of the population still resides along the coastal areas of the country. Even business people who live in Brasilia and government employees as well often escape on weekends from Brasilia and travel to the coastal beach areas of the country. Numerous Europeans, Asians and Americans have resettled in the country for a variety of reasons including beautiful beaches, the fact that foreigners are accepted readily, the unique culture and the fact that Brazil’s people are truly friendly and outgoing in nature. Favorite pastimes include soccer, Carnival, dancing and enjoying the beautiful beaches in the country.

International Investigations Group has an office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and we send our private investigators throughout the country. It is a difficult location to work as a private investigator for a variety of reasons, including massive population and long distances for travel between the various states throughout the country. It is difficult to compare Brazil to smaller countries of Central America or even Mexico which is one of the largest countries in that region. One factor facing representatives from our firm when conducting investigations throughout the country is the corruption in the country at so many levels. This inhibits our investigators and forces our firm to work even harder to obtain factual information which has not been altered in some way. There are many databases throughout the country which contain some information. However, it is almost always obligatory for our private investigators to manually check records if accurate information is to be obtained regarding anything from property records, lawsuits or assets in the country of Brazil held by an individual or a corporate entity. Conducting an investigation in São Paulo, for example, is extremely difficult simply due to the massive size of the sprawling metropolitan area combined with some of the worst traffic problems in the world. Also, in many areas of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro crime is an extremely difficult problem and these areas can be very dangerous when our investigators venture into certain locations in order to conduct investigations.

The law-enforcement system in Brazil consists of the civil police who investigate major felony crimes such as narcotics trafficking, white-collar crimes and organized crime activities. The Brazilian Military Police handle routine police calls and investigate many crimes throughout the country, both in the populated areas and in the rural areas of the country as well, probably due to the incredible size of Brazil. Many of the roads are in poor condition in the country and in the rural areas one off and can even travel to certain smaller communities. We often receive requests from law firms to conduct interviews of individuals who may be witnesses in cases either in the United States or in Europe. Simply locating the person to be interviewed can be extremely time-consuming and difficult due to the fact that very few Brazilians in the major metropolitan areas will open their doors to strangers. Those people living in apartment complexes simply use security guards to receive any visitors and often these security people will refuse to even acknowledge that a particular individual is living in their building making it extremely difficult for our investigators. Sometimes we conduct surveillances is in Brazil for law firms representing either the plaintiffs or defendants which can be extremely dangerous since many Brazilians carry handguns and if they think someone is following them they have a tendency to believe that the person intends to rob them which makes them react an aggressive and often violent manner. This produces a dangerous situation for our investigators. We conduct a variety of other types of investigations for attorneys including asset location, service of legal documents, locating witnesses and in divorce cases, proving that one party is already married to another person or is living with a paramour.

Corporate entities often utilize our services in Brazil to obtain records regarding businesses with whom they plan to use to manufacture certain products or cooperate in distribution of other products or services. Conducting business can be extremely difficult for foreign companies due to preference by the government in Brazil protecting their own companies in the country. Many companies require a complete due diligence investigation to determine the financial status of a firm, its principals and the nature and success of the business involved. Our firm collects such information regarding corporate entities and provides photographs as well as a thorough, professional and complete report for clients with the results we obtained during the investigation. It is important that clients use of firm like ours due to the fact that we are retired FBI Special Agents and high-level Brazilian civil or military police who have the experience and trustworthiness needed to fulfill the task without being tainted by bribery or other corruption factors. The retired local law-enforcement officers who work with our firm have proven themselves to us and many of them are graduates of the FBI National Academy which conducts a thorough background investigation on every senior officer who attends the course in Quantico, Virginia which is the most prestigious law-enforcement academy in the world and also provides an opportunity for them to advance in their organization. Our firm is well known throughout the United States and Europe and we conduct investigations for not only law firms and corporate entities but in some instances for individuals who have a serious problem in the country and need a professional stateside company with an office in the country of Brazil. We guarantee our investigations and our credentials are some of the best in the private investigation business.

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