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Our Colombia Private Investigators operate throughout the country. Colombia is like five different countries rolled into one. The people who live on the north coast of the country in Cartagena and Barranquilla are more like the population in the Dominican Republic or Panama who tend to be more laid back and are similar to people in the rest of the Caribbean. The population in Medellin, Colombia on the other hand are known for their business minded orientation and produce numerous products for sale. Bogotá, Colombia is a mixture of people from throughout the country. It is fast moving and one should be cautious in the streets due to pick pockets and other clever criminal activity. In the southern portion of the country the people tend to be more of an indigenous population. Finally, one of the most beautiful areas of the country is the area known as “Cafetera” in Armenia, Pereira and Manizales, Colombia. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire country where most of the coffee is grown. The country of Colombia is one of the most interesting throughout Latin America.

ricans throughout the region. However, they still have issues in the country relating to the leftist terrorist activity, street crime and the widespread use of a drug known as Scopalomina or Burundanga which comes from the leafs of a particular tree grown throughout the country. This drug is often used as a means to debilitate the victim when robbing them on the streets. Hopefully, Colombia will continue to improve in the future which will encourage more tourism and foreign business investment.

Private Investigation firms in Colombia are few and far between. Our private investigators in Colombia are professional and experienced. A client should use a larger established company for private investigations in Colombia with other offices in the United States or Europe as well since corruption is a major problem with small Colombian operated firms. The International Investigations Group, Inc. has been operating in Colombia and throughout the region for over 10 years and the owners are retired FBI Special Agents and local high level retired DAS and Colombian National Police officials. The company is professional, reliable and most importantly, honestly reports the facts accurately in any private investigation in Colombia.

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Colombia has been ravaged by leftist terrorist groups for the last 50 years. The problem began with the communist group M-19 which took over the Supreme Court building in Bogotá, Colombia. Thereafter, the Colombian army using tanks and other military vehicles and weapons entered the Supreme Court and killed most of the terrorists. However, some of the Supreme Court justices in the country also died during the event. Since that time, Colombia has suffered with a poor reputation for safety in terms of foreign investment. The two major leftist terrorist groups have been extremely active in the country extorting money from businesses and landowners as well as active in kidnapping for ransom. They been responsible as well for hundreds if not thousands of murders committed in the country. These two groups include the FARC and the ELN. Since the downfall of the major drug cartels in Cali, Colombia and Medellin, Colombia, the FARC has taken over much of the drug business in the country working with Mexican drug dealers who can actually be found in Colombia actively coordinating with the FARC and other production and drug dealing organizations.

During the last eight years however, due to a more conservative and anti-guerrilla president, Alvaro Uribe and with the help of the United States government under “Plan Colombia”, the leftist guerrilla group ELN has been practically eliminated and the numbers of FARC members cut in half. It is estimated today that members of the FARC number approximately 10,000 as opposed to 25,000 perhaps 6 to 8 years ago. That being said, however, many areas in Colombia are still extremely dangerous due to FARC activities in some areas and other splinter groups involved in common street crime, gangs, and kidnappings for ransom. For example, in the City of Bogotá, Colombia although much improved, street crime activity is still very high especially in the southern part of the city. Also, both in Medellin and Cali, Colombia crime is still a very serious issue. In both cities, former members of drug cartels were so accustomed to making easy money during the heyday of the narcotraffickers that now they have turned their skills in a different direction as gang members involved in organized crime including robberies, extortion and kidnappings.

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We have Private Investigators and Detectives located throughout Colombia:

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