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Our private investigators in the Dominican Republic operate throughout the country. The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country which shares the island of Hispanola with its neighbor Haiti to the west. However, the two countries are radically different. The country of Haiti is extremely poor and deforested with very little production and an economy that is totally stifled my lack of natural resources and a massive unemployed workforce. On the other hand, the Dominican Republic is a very productive country especially in the area of agriculture and manufacturing. Although this country also has poverty issues it is much better off economically than Haiti. In fact, Haitians often come to the Dominican Republic in search of employment whether it be tourist related or in the agriculture field.

Tourism is a very important industry in the Dominican Republic. There are large resort areas throughout the country including those located in Puerto Plata, Sosua, Samana, Punta Cana, and La Romana. Tourists from Europe and the United States have flocked to the Dominican Republic over the last 10 years because the people are very friendly, the weather is excellent and the beaches are exceptionally beautiful. One sees Italians, French, German, Canadian and American tourists on a regular basis throughout the country. Even the capital, Santo Domingo, draws tourists due to the old colonial area built by the Spanish which is similar to the fortresses and colonial areas in Puerto Rico, Panama and Cartagena, Colombia.

In spite of the beauty and friendly atmosphere in the Dominican Republic, private investigations which are conducted there are not a simple matter for a variety of reasons. In the Dominican Republic, corruption is a major problem and obtaining accurate information during investigations is a challenge. Any firm conducting investigations in the Dominican Republic must have reliable sources of information some of whom have to be located in the law enforcement agencies.

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Also, numerous fraudulent firms of all kinds have been active in the Dominican Republic over the period of the last few years. For example, there have been numerous individuals and bogus corporations involved in the sale of real estate projects in the Dominican Republic which have turned out to be simply fraudulent schemes to obtain advance fees from unknowing victims who mostly come from Europe and the United States. Many people have been defrauded in these cases when they search for a retirement location such as the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean which has great weather, beautiful beaches and friendly people. In addition, even small private investigation companies have popped up in the country ripping off unsuspecting clients by simply stealing their money or providing false information to them.

If you decide to conduct a private investigation in the country of the Dominican Republic it is essential that a reliable, experienced and professional private investigative firm be contacted that also has a stateside office where they are licensed and insured. Our private detectives in the Dominican Republic are professional and really know what they are doing unlike so many firms listed on the internet some sites of whom are created and run by individuals in India or the Middle East or even Africa. International Investigations Group Inc. has been conducting investigations in the Dominican Republic and throughout Latin America for over 10 years and its associates are retired federal law enforcement agents from the FBI who have teamed up with trustworthy retired local law enforcement personnel providing clients with accurate and professional information in private investigation cases.

International Investigations Group works with law firms and corporate entities on a regular basis as well as individuals with a reasonable budget available to obtain a professional result and report regarding any private investigative matter in the country. Investigations in the Dominican Republic can be fraught with potential for corruption, inaccuracy and outright fraud if a dependable larger investigative firm is not retained.

                                                          Dominican Republic Private Investigators

We have Private Investigators and Detectives located throughout the Dominican Republic:

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