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Lima, Peru Investigations

  • Business name or copyright violations

  • Background investigations of companies and individual principals

  • Due diligence relating to companies and potential spouses

  • Litigation support for attorneys

  • Legal support such as interviews and affidavits for law firms

  • Locate individuals or corporate entities in Latin America or the Caribbean
  • Missing family members

  • Hidden assets of companies or spouses

  • Corporate internal investigations including theft and kickback schemes

  • Admiralty and maritime investigations including accidents with injuries

  • Investigations relating to beneficiaries

  • Insurance investigation death cases

  • Electronic surveillance detection

  • Location of husbands or wives for child support payments

  • Family law, divorce and child custody investigations

  • Copyright violations and product piracy cases

  • Cheating spouse investigations including background issues and surveillance

  • Computer forensic analysis investigations including hacking and intrusion cases

  • Business competitive intelligence investigations

  • Polygraph exams for employees and spouses

  • Service of process throughout Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Real estate fraud and probate investigations

  • Cargo theft investigations

  • Personal injury legal investigations

  • Executive protection throughout Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Narcotics investigations

  • Money laundering prevention

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act training

  • Corporate employee substance abuse investigations surveillance counter covert operations

  • Vendor mismanagement and / or theft or violation of contractual agreements

  • White collar crime asset tracing

  • Financial fraud investigations and bankruptcy court fraud

  • Identity theft cases

  • Intellectual property infringement

Peru Private Investigators

Peru Private Investigators

Lima, Peru Detectives

Our Peru Private Investigators are all former senior level Peru National Police executives.  Lima is the capital of the country of Peru.

Lima, the capital of Peru, lies on the country’s arid Pacific coast. Though its colonial center is preserved, it’s a bustling metropolis and one of South America’s largest cities.

Peru’s first democratically elected president of indigenous ethnicity. The presidential election of 2006 saw the return of Alan GARCIA Perez who, after a disappointing presidential term from 1985 to 1990, oversaw a robust economic rebound. Former army officer Ollanta HUMALA Tasso was elected president in June 2011, and carried on the sound, market-oriented economic policies of the three preceding administrations. Poverty and unemployment levels have fallen dramatically in the last decade, and today Peru boasts one of the best performing economies in Latin America. Pedro Pablo KUCZYNSKI Godard won a very narrow presidential runoff election in June 2016.

Peru’s economy reflects its varied topography – an arid lowland coastal region, the central high sierra of the Andes, the dense forest of the Amazon, with tropical lands bordering Colombia and Brazil. A wide range of important mineral resources are found in the mountainous and coastal areas, and Peru’s coastal waters provide excellent fishing grounds. Peru is the world’s second largest producer of silver and third largest producer of copper.
The Peruvian economy grew by an average of 5.6% from 2009-13 with a stable exchange rate and low inflation, which in 2013 was just below the upper limit of the Central Bank target range of 1% to 3%. This growth was due partly to high international prices for Peru’s metals and minerals exports, which account for almost 60% of the country’s total exports. Growth slipped from 2014 to 2016, due to weaker world prices for these resources. Despite Peru’s strong macroeconomic performance, dependence on minerals and metals exports and imported foodstuffs makes the economy vulnerable to fluctuations in world prices.
Peru’s rapid expansion coupled with cash transfers and other programs have helped to reduce the national poverty rate by 28 percentage points since 2002, but inequality persists and continues to pose a challenge for the Ollanta HUMALA administration, which has championed a policy of social inclusion and a more equitable distribution of income. Poor infrastructure hinders the spread of growth to Peru’s non-coastal areas. The HUMALA administration passed several economic stimulus packages in 2014 to bolster growth, including reforms to environmental regulations in order to spur investment in Peru’s lucrative mining sector, a move that was opposed by some environmental groups. However, in 2015, mining investment fell as global commodity prices remained low and social conflicts plagued the sector.
Peru’s free trade policy has continued under the HUMALA administration; since 2006, Peru has signed trade deals with the US, Canada, Singapore, China, Korea, Mexico, Japan, the EU, the European Free Trade Association, Chile, Thailand, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, concluded negotiations with Guatemala and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and begun trade talks with Honduras, El Salvador, India, Indonesia, and Turkey. Peru also has signed a trade pact with Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, called the Pacific Alliance, that seeks integration of services, capital, investment and movement of people. Since the US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement entered into force in February 2009, total trade between Peru and the US has doubled.

Peru Private Investigators

Lima, Peru Investigations

  • International spousal investigations

  • Cyber Internet incursions

  • Extortion and human trafficking cases

  • Employee misconduct

  • Unsolved criminal cases

  • Corporate investment matters

  • Substance abuse cases

  • Wrongful death legal cases

  • Physical and corporate security issues

  • Arson investigations

  • Auto accident and injury cases in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Aviation accidents and antitrust law violations

  • Business partner misconduct

  • Investigation of charitable organizations internationally

  • Violation of confidentiality agreements or conflict of interest cases

  • Cruise ship accidents

  • Tax debts by companies or individuals in foreign countries

  • Protection of corporate data and computer systems

  • Legal discovery requirements in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Investment strategies abroad

  • Franchising law violations

  • Receipt of gifts or money by employees from customers

  • Pre-employment assistance for human resource departments

  • Foreign mediation in civil cases

  • Foreign immigration employment support

  • Pharmaceutical and products liability investigations

  • Real estate disputes abroad

  • Risk assessments for new business initiation

  • Toxic tort cases in foreign countries

  • Workplace security in foreign countries

  • Employment termination legal disputes in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Witness statements for legal cases and supporting affidavits