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Our Panama Private Investigators handle cases on a daily basis in the country of Panama.  Panama is probably the most thriving Latin America nation. It has a population approaching 4 million people and is growing substantially due to a large number of middle and upper class Latinos from other countries throughout Central America and South America who have decided to live in the country for a variety of reasons. Also, many North Americans and Europeans have also joined Panamanians establishing residency in the country. Panama is a very modern democracy with a strong growing economy. They have potable water anyone can drink from the tap and numerous skyscrapers which have been built in the capital of Panama City, Panama in recent years.. Panama, which was once part of Colombia until 1903 is famous due to a variety of attractive considerations. They have a special retirement benefit discount program for foreigners who decide to retire in Panama. The prices in the country are reasonable and the currency is the US dollar throughout Panama. The capital, Panama City, is not a congested metropolis although there are some traffic problems in Panama City. Finally, as a whole, the country still has a very low crime rate compared to other Latin American countries and those of the Caribbean.

The most famous attraction in Panama is the Panama Canal which was built in 1903 and has been functioning well ever since. The racial makeup in the country is a mixture of Hispanic, Black and many Chinese who have recently arrived and some who have been in Panama whose forefathers helped build the Panama Canal. The future of Panama is bright and the economy rated number one in the region according to the Latin Business Index. The country has a free trade zone in Colon, Panama which is the largest free trade zone in the Western Hemisphere. Millions of dollars of goods and products pass through the Colon free zone in Panama and millions of tons of cargo are shipped in both directions entering and leaving Panama via the Panama Canal which crosses the country from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The recent presidential election of Martinelli has proved to be a bonus for Democratic supporters and particularly strong economies countries in the region including Colombia and Costa Rica who have countries on other borders whose governments are leftist in nature.

International Investigations Group is the largest private investigation firm in the country of Panama and has conducted hundreds of investigations during the last 10 years. The firm has offices throughout Central and South America as well as the Caribbean and East Asia. Many investigations which are conducted in Panama by our company private investigators involve litigation support for law firms throughout the United States and Europe. Investigations of this type in Panama for major law firms include accident investigation on behalf of both plaintiff and defense attorneys, dissolution of marriage and child custody cases as well as business and probate cases which require investigation in Panama. Our company is recognized throughout the United States and Europe for completing investigations in a timely and professional manner providing trustworthy results in written form for our clients.

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In the field of corporate investigations, International Investigations Group assists corporate entities who are concerned about businesses in Panama with whom they intend to provide goods or services or receive products or manufactured goods. In many instances, our firm has conducted due diligence investigations regarding corporate entities in Panama to determine if the businesses are legitimate with strong earnings and potential. Also, background investigations regarding principals of firms in Panama are often requested by clients of our investigative firm which include stateside corporate entities or European companies. We also conduct investigations in Panama relating to fraudulent activity by corporate entities or employees within a firm. Our experience in Panama is unsurpassed since most of our managers and associates are retired FBI Special Agents or high-level Panama National Police executives who have 25 or more years of experience working in Panama City, Panama.

Finally, International Investigations Group handles investigations for select individuals in searching for relatives or assets. On occasion, we conduct infidelity investigations in Panama assuming the client understands the specific issues involved during these types of investigations and the cost involved.

Although Panama is an extremely advanced Latin American country in terms of democracy and progress, there are still major obstacles faced by our Panama private investigators in the country while conducting investigations. For example, the record-keeping system in Panama although somewhat better than many Latin American countries is still very inferior to county or state records in the United States or country statistical records or registries in European countries. Due to the fact that investigations are more difficult in Panama than in the United States they often take more time to complete and clients need to understand that private investigators face unique problems in Panama. Latin American investigations are very different from those of the detective or private investigator in the United States. Corruption is still a major problem in Panama as it is throughout many countries in the world and that is why potential clients should use the services of a professional private investigator employed by our firm who have had a connection to the U.S. Embassy in Panama or law enforcement agency in the country of Panama. Our private investigators in Panama and other Latin American as well as Caribbean countries have the unique credibility of and background to work as a trained investigator dealing with any legal investigation, corporate need or individual client inquiry.

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